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"The inner world"

The project shows the connection between past and present, conscious and unconscious, inner world and outer world, and three-dimensional and two-dimensional space.

I photographed the corners of the ceiling and walls, the light, and the shadows in the house ten years ago.

 After 10 Years, the photos are printed on invisible paper and pasted to the corners of the wall in a white room.

 I asked the visitors to draw and continue the lines inside the photos with a pencil on the white walls. 

They lead my inner world from the current real world, and a new real world is created through the outer world's effects. 

they reconstructed the past tense into the present. 3D space was photographed and turned into two dimensions. And with the continuation of the lines from the photos and from the two-dimensional surface, they became three-dimensional space again.

2018- Performance exhibition, Vienna, Austria


''Performance ''THE TENT

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